Helping out!


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This page goes over helping out by taking individual action. You can help (even internationally) by:

We’re creating in-depth guides to assist you, and will help out as much as possible. We only get one shot influencing the election, so we must influence most of the country.

You’re someone:

How you can help

Key understanding: We’ll only achieve this with individual action. It’s up to you.


Most effective action: Send messages and social media posts to all your contacts shilling (because everyone is impacted by the government) and asking them to send it to all of their contacts.

Your own ideas

Doing interesting things like:

Telling everyone you know about preferential voting

Don’t be weird about it, but when politics comes up tell your mates how their vote works for getting them on board. The earlier the better, the more people who know, the more people can help out.

It doesn’t take long for a message to spread around, tell friends, post online, send out mass text messages. Same goes for international – the more people working together, the more publicity it’ll get.

Following us on socials

and reach out if you’d like to work with us (via email [hello /at symbol/ [preferences domain] or preferably via urbit ~mislyr-midnyt/preferences)

Simple language team and solo action handbook

It’s not done yet, but I’m hurriedly working on how to form your own team. It’ll be in-depth, but broken into distinct sections. Am learning as I’m going, so please be patient. It’s gotta be good.

In the meantime, listen to this summary of Think and Grow Rich and try this bit of autosuggestion.

Say this aloud when waking up and sleeping: “The government will be 65% minor parties come election day. I will dedicate at least 30 minutes daily to manifesting this. It is certain. It is inevitable. We’ve already done it. I send peace and love.” urbit??

Basically a replacement for the internet and after looking into it you’ll see it’s a utopian vision of computing. Just do it mate :o)

Tech explanation: purely functional tiny computer. talks to other urbit computers directly, without any intermediary (DNS, megacorp, etc.). Baked in cryptography and a distributed scarce identity system. It’s pretty fun.

Here’s a video on how to boot urbit. Am using Linux but just use Port from the urbit website.

Help us advertise

You will either be able to buy self-serve advertising material from us (we are not-for-profit, sustainable and respect suppliers) or make your own (with templates and guides from us).

We’re planning to sell: Posters, stickers, election signs, recycled napkins, t-shirts, hoodies, and much more.

Please make your own cool stuff too (and maybe make a guide!!) (we’ll have a guide for making guides)

You will be able to print out summaries of political parties and distribute them around your neighbourhood (but that isn’t ready yet).