sending your own stuff

How might you share the message? It’s really up to you.

We’ve thought of a couple of ways:

At the end of this page, there’s guides on sharing the message.

Social media templates

Here’s some example social media posts you can use!


But making your own resources (like videos and graphics) is even better too!

SMS messages to all your contacts

We’ll use the zoomer equivalent of boomer email chainmail for contacting every Australian.

I’ve tried to make my message as adaptable as possible. You can copy and paste it, just editing the name lines with for adapting for yourself.

But making your own messages, videos and pictures is even better!

Sending your own bulk SMS messages on Android is easily done through MultiSMS Sender,

On iPhone, you can use iOS actions

Example SMS message (fits into 320 characters / two text messages)

hey Fraser here u got msg b/c ur in my phone. very unsolicited soz. shilling – independent voting system edu campaign. vote worth //heaps// more if voting 1 for [any minor party] because how voting sys works. wasted votes don’t exist. pls help spreading msg peace and love xx :o)

Potential mass message (donate??)

voting sys edu :o) | voting 1 above line 4 [any minor party] worth /heaps/ more. peace and love - // Authorised by F. Patterson (soz m8)

Here’s the message I’m sending on social media and groups I’m in

Hey, it’s %%%% YOUR NAME %%%% and this is essentially a ‘chain mail’ group message. Wishing you well :orangutan emoji:

If you don’t like Australia’s future under a two-party system (think USA), then sharing objective truths on how our preferential voting system makes everyone’s voice heard more.

Voting 1 [any minor party] above and putting majors last below makes your vote worth //insanely// more because votes flow at full value to everyone else. Wasted votes don’t exist within our voting system. Shill moment: Videos explaining this at

[any minor party] are bound to fit your interests better, ((typically)) aren’t beholden to corporate or individual interests, and do you reckon two major parties represents such so many different people? With so much poverty and countless horrific stories everywhere, the upcoming federal election is a chance to really make a difference (+ same government for 100 years?? odd hm…)

/// it’s more minor parties, or more of the same ///

Sharing the message is really, and solely, up to you. Think for a moment about everyone you know, and how you can let them (and the public) know. Remember, when has top down revolution ever worked? Change starts with you. Here’s a couple of ideas:


You have to actually do it though, but I promise it’ll make a real, tangible difference and this message is made for you. Are you anyone [//any// age, nationality, voting ability], from anywhere [even int], with any skillset?

gift: /// free hosted cryptographic urbit moon (for 18 months) as thanks for receiving ///

« ( replacement for all of computing and the internet itself (just chat at the moment) || open to everyone (you can include this on your own messages too) – ) »

Thank you very much for hearing this out,

%%%%%% YOUR NAME %%%%%%

How to send bulk voting messages to people

You can send bulk messages in many ways, such as via:

Brief note on text messaging

Keep me posted if you run into problems, but you can comfortably send around 500 text messages a day (spaced throughout the day), and worst comes to worst and you send too many, your telco might temporarily rate limit you and ask what’s up. Since most people have unlimited texts, this shouldn’t be a problem.

If you use multiple phones and numbers, you can send even more!