A voting system education campaign

Voting 1 for [any minor party] (even above the line) gives you heaps more full value votes due to how preferential voting works. [any minor party] aren’t representing big business and work for you.

We propose a couple of simple actions anyone can take for quickly spreading a politically independent message (very important independent).

We’re an incorporated association, so must remain politically independent. However, please keep in mind that it’s an objectively true fact that the two major parties have taken over $200 million dollars from corporate donors.

Don’t let the major parties sell you into chucking your full value votes away.

In short, vote minor party above the line and put majors last below

Places for chatting:

Our socials (bit dead rn just reviewing some stuff):

How can I help right now?

In short: Sending messages to everyone you know and love for exponential growth.

we’re independent fyi - vote 1 [any minor party] :o)